UCE Productions

Mission Statement

To supply the youth audience with alternative movie choices that will bring them closer to God and achieve personal growth. Our movies offer spiritual solutions through the following methods of empowerment:

  • Engage youth to develop Christian behavior and conduct.
  • Inspire youth to reach their fullest potential by demonstrating responsibility and duty to themselves, their family and their community.
  • Offer unsaved youth moral choices that will bring them closer to God.
About Us

Urban Christian Entertainment is a professional movie making company. We have produced documentaries, feature films, television shows, and commercials. We hold more than twenty years of experience and knowledge in distribution and marketing of entertainment media. Urban Christian Entertainemnt is taking its production skills to create Christian films that dramatize the challenges and victories youth deal with daily that draw them from and to the path of Christ.

UCE Movies That Matter

Offer's contemporary stories and confront real issues that young people face in today’s society. Each film comes with a study guide. Our movies tackle difficult social issues in an entertaining but thought provoking manner.UCE Movies that Matter provide Christian alternatives to the complex and often destructive choices that confront young people today.

Contact us

P.O. Box 5213
North Hollywood, CA 91616-5213


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