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First Run Features announces the release of David Massey's timely documentary WHEN JUSTICE ISN'T JUST on iTunes; available now for only $2.99 and on DVD “soon.” The film, directed by Oscar-nominated and NAACP Image Award winner Massey, addresses the concept and reality of justice in the United States, particularly in regard to racial disparities in the American criminal justice system.

Filmed in cities across the country, this dynamic documentary explores why so many unarmed black people have been targeted and killed by law enforcement officers, an issue that has taken center stage in the national consciousness. The filmmakers talk to legal experts, activists and law enforcement officials who speak to the inequality within our criminal justice system. The film asks the crucial question of how to prevent more violence in this country, including Black on Black deaths. Activists, law enforcement officials, legal scholars, and the family members of victims offer a range of responses.

At its heart, WHEN JUSTICE ISN'T JUST confronts our broken criminal justice system, focusing on the incarceration rate of people of color. As the Black Lives Matter movement — and citizens nationwide — question the accountability of our justice system in cases of police violence, WHEN JUSTICE ISN'T JUST is an essential addition to the ongoing discussion about reform and renewal.

David Massey and producer Dawn Alexander have screened their film throughout the country. As Massey states, "we as filmmakers couldn't sit on the sidelines without documenting one of the most important human rights issues facing America and the black community today."

WHEN JUSTICE ISN'T JUST features a broad array of people, including Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin L. Crump, Dr. Cornel West, Black Lives Matter's Dr. Melina Abdullah, Criminal Attorney Tom Mesereau, LAPD Deputy Chief William Scott, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and many more.

Available now on iTunes | On DVD September 13

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42 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2016

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